General terms and conditions

Getting there/departure:

Your romms/apartments will be ready from 3 p.m. onwards at your Check-in day. If your arrival will be after 6 p.m. please let us know in advadnce your actual arrival time so that we can guarantee a trouble-free arrival. Please mind the Check-Out time of your room/apartment as it is 10 a.m.

Please mind that in case of delayed arrival, early departure or non-appearance of single guests or travel groups we will not give any price reductions.


Please mind that we require a deposite to a fix your booking.

Um To guarantee a trouble-free departure we ask you to settle your bill at least on day before your actual departure. We accept Cash, Maestro/EC-Card, as well as Visa and Mastercard. Please mind that do not accept cheques.

General terms and conditions for the hotel industry (AGBH)